Quantcast Characteristics_Of_Good_Quality_Bread_Products_And_Rolls

D-G. BREADS AND SWEET DOUGHS No. 4 CHARACTERISTICS OF GOOD QUALITY BREAD PRODUCTS AND ROLLS CHARACTERISTIC BISCUITS MUFFINS YEAST BREADS AND ROLLS Color Uniform golden brown top and bottom.  Inside creamy white.  Free from yellow or brown spots. Uniform golden brown outside.  Inside creamy white or slightly yellow but free from streaks. Even rich brown color, creamy white inside and free from streaks. Shape and size Uniform in shape and size, with straight sides and a smooth level top.  The volume is at least twice the size of the unbaked product. Uniform shape and size.   Well-rounded pebbled top, free from peaks or cracks. Well proportioned, symmetrical with a well-rounded top. Crust Tender and moderately smooth.  Free from excess flour. Tender, with a thin, slightly rough or pebbled shiny appearance. Crisp-tender with an even thickness over entire surface.   Free from cracks and bulges. Texture Slightly moist, tender and flaky crumb, with a medium fine grain. Moist, tender and light crumb, with medium fine, evenly distributed air spaces. Soft, springy texture, tender and slightly moist with fine grain, thin walled cells. Flavor Pleasing, well-blended flavor with no bitterness. Pleasing, well-blended flavor with no bitterness or other off-flavors. Wheaty, sweet nut-like flavor.   No off-flavors.


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